Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Autumn and spring are the best seasons in Gurgaon

Gurgaon City

Located at a distance of about 32 kilometres to the south-west of New Delhi, Gurgaon is one of the leading financial and industrial cities of India. With a per capita income that is third-highest in the country, it has seen rapid urbanization in the past few years.
Many of the Fortune 500 companies have their offices in this city, and the presence of several elegant hotels in Gurgaon helps business as well as leisure travellers to enjoy a comfortable stay during their time spent in this part of the world. Summer, monsoon, winter, autumn, and spring are the seasons that Gurgaon experiences in a year. Daytime temperatures can rise beyond 40-Degree Celsius during summers. Climate in Gurgaon around this time of the year is extremely hot and humid. Winters in the city are generally very cold and foggy with occasional sunny days. One can also experience winter rain on certain days, owing to a phenomenon called Western Disturbance.
Autumn and spring seasons are characterized by a mild and pleasant weather, while monsoon can be experienced in this region from July till August. Best time to visit this amazing city is during autumn and spring seasons when the weather is at its best.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Sultanpur National Park: A Safe Haven for Birds

Sultanpur National Park & Bird Sanctuary

Sultanpur National Park & Bird Sanctuary is one of the most popular Gurgaon attractions. This park is spread with sprawling greenery such as trees, shrubs. In order to facilitate bird watching, the park officials have set up four watch towers that are located at different points throughout the park. If you are visiting with your personal vehicle, then you need not worry about its parking because there’s plenty of space for parking. The Educational Interpretation Center has been established here to offer proper guidance for the tourist visiting the place. 
Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary
This park is popularly known as a bird watcher’s paradise with few trees obscuring the visitor’s view of the lake. Bird researchers can also consider visiting this destination in order to view wide range of migratory species. Every year approximately 90 migratory bird species arrive here in quest of feeding grounds & to spend the winter. During winter season, the bird sanctuary offers a picturesque panorama of migratory birds even during summer season.

On your visit to Gurgaon, you need to consider looking for an accommodation well in advance. Taking such an initiative would help you avoid accommodation related hassles. You can research about hotels in Gurgaon in order to make your trip to this place a memorable experience.