Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Gurgaon Attracts Both, Business as well as Leisure Travellers

Located south of Delhi, Gurgaon has become one of the leading industrial and financial centres where one may find many high-rise commercial complexes as well as residential buildings. After the Green Revolution that had a significant impact on its agriculture, this region witnessed rapid industrialization over the past couple of decades. Today, several multi-national corporations have made their presence felt in Gurgaon, with their elegant offices in prime locations of this city. This has also resulted in a number of business travellers frequently visiting this city for meetings, conferences and other corporate events. A luxury hotel in Gurgaon is always preferred by companies when booking an accommodation for their travelling executives.
United-21 Citymark - Gurgaon
Most of these hotels are equipped with ultra-modern facilities for their guests, which include both business as well as leisure travellers. Corporate guests belonging to various industries, such as, Textiles, Information Technology (IT), IT-Enabled Services, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotechnology, have their stays arranged in such hotels. As these companies generally have their offices in prominent commercial hubs and IT parks, a hotel in Gurgaon that arranges stays for business travellers is located close to them. This facilitates frequent travel of their corporate guests from the hotel to their offices.

Gurgaon not only attracts business travellers, but it also has some fascinating attractions for people who travel for leisure. All of them book Gurgaon hotel close to them, so that they can visit these spots according to their convenience. Among the popular attractions in this region is Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, which houses over 100 species of birds. Damdama Lake is yet another beautiful spot that Gurgaon has in store for its tourists. People visiting this lake can enjoy some exciting activities like flying in hot-air balloons and boating. Those seeking a spiritual experience can visit Sheetala Devi Temple located close to Gurgaon for a unique spiritual experience.

Shri Mata Sheetla Devi Temple, Gurgaon

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