Friday, 13 February 2015

Gurgaon: An IT Hub with a Plethora of Attractions

Gurgaon receives large number of visitors every year. In order to capitalise this market, a plethora of hotels and resorts have come up in Gurgaon. The number is rising regularly, so choosing an accommodation in Gurgaon has become extremely tough for visitors. Now, if you intend to find a hotel of your choice, then you would have to put in double the amount of effort and time that you used to put a couple of decades back. Stay in Gurgaon has become expensive, so all those individuals looking out for an accommodation at an affordable price have to spend a lot more time on research. You can look out for best offers on Gurgaon hotels in order to cut down the overall price. 
Gurgaon is home to various attractions. Also, its proximity to Delhi draws plenty of visitors in this city. If you intend to make the most of your holidays, then you should visit a majority of Gurgaon attractions. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary receives plenty of visitors every year. Whether you’re a bird or a wildlife enthusiast, you should definitely consider visiting this wildlife bird sanctuary. 
Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary
Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary: This bird sanctuary is one of the most popular attractions in Gurgaon. You can kick-start your trip to this beautiful city by visiting Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. This bird sanctuary is home to approximately 250 species of migrant as well as resident species. Some of the birds species found in this park include Siberian cranes, ruddy, Shel Ducks, Flamingoes, Bar-Headed Geese, Grey Lags, Teals, and Gadwalls. Afghanistan, East European countries, Russia, Siberia, and Turkey are some of the countries from where birds come to this sanctuary. Sultanpur bird sanctuary was declared as National Park in the year 1989. Since then, it has gradually become home to various species such as mongoose, striped hyena, hog deer, caracal, porcupine, honey badger, wild pig, etc.

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